For Parents

Attendance Line 586-285-8502

When your child is absent for any reason, we ask that you call our 24-hour attendance line to report his/her absence.  If you do not call in the absence, you will receive a phone call and in some cases, an e-mail from our automated messenger system reminding you to call the school. This is done for the safety of your child.

All absences must be verified.

If your child has seen the doctor for an illness, please bring in a doctor’s note.

All absences are considered unexcused by the Macomb County Attendance Office for cases of truancy unless a doctor’s note is provided. So be sure to bring in a doctor’s note each time you see the doctor. Unexcused absences are not a problem unless the absences become excessive (20 or more in one year).

Whenever your child arrives late to school, please have him/her stop in the office to receive a tardy pass. Remember - school begins at 7:54 a.m.  If you arrive after 7:54 a.m. you will be marked tardy.  Promptness and consistent attendance are very important to your child’s success in school.
MH Parking Lot Procedures

Procedures for Outdoor Recess

 Please send your child to school with coats, gloves and hats when the weather turns cold.  Although it may be cold outside, as long as proper apparel is worn, it is healthy for students to get outdoors and enjoy the crisp air and sunshine.  Teachers agree that students perform best at school when they have an opportunity for vigorous outdoor play, so we try to get our students out whenever possible. Generally, if the temperature / wind chill is above 10 degrees, recess will be outside.  Please be assured that if the weather is dangerously cold, students will be kept inside during recess.  Otherwise, if there is no danger of frostbite or the risk of the weather being detrimental to our students, outdoor recess is part of the school day. 

If a student is too ill to go outside for recess, that child should most likely not be in school until he or she has recovered.  Of course, students will be kept inside if there is a specific medical reason, but a DOCTOR'S NOTE IS REQUIRED excusing them from outdoor recess.  The doctor's excuse note must be specific and include the length of time that the student may not go outdoors.


  • 24-Hour Attendance Line - 586-285-8502 Please call by 8:30 a.m. if your child will be absent.
  • SACC - 586-285-8519
  • Kitchen586-285-8544 Please call the kitchen if you have questions about your child's lunch account balance.
  • Pre-School - 586-285-8647

Many parents have asked about what will be happening on Wednesday afternoons when the students are released early. 

Lake Shore teachers are participating in Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) during students’ early-release time. 

This form of professional development allows teachers the time to study student achievement data, collaborate to research best-practice teaching strategies, and work together to create interventions for struggling students. The schedule allows teachers to participate in PLC’s on a consistent basis, rather than on scattered dates throughout the year. Working together to build shared knowledge is the best way to achieve goals and meet the needs of students. 

The assessments are also used to identify students who need additional time and support for learning. As a result, your student may begin working with students from other classrooms during the week. In making small groups, we give kids an opportunity to practice skills they need help on.